Overlooking the Cappadocia valleys, Erciyes Mountain, which has become the symbol of Kayseri province and always has smoke and snow on top, is 3916 m. height is a giant volcanic mountain.

As a result of the first eruptions on the volcanic mountain, the formation of the unique geography of Cappadocia with the formation of fairy chimneys and lava sprayed.

Turkey is an important winter tourism center is summer climbing is done between May and October. The ski slopes of Mount Erciyes, one of the most important centers of the country in winter sports and mountaineering, are also one of the best ski slopes in the world.


Tekir Plateau, which is located between 2000 and 2900 meters high on the eastern slope of the mountain, is also the center of winter sports. In addition to glacial climbing and mountaineering, the honey and wild horses of the plateau, which is a favorite of trekking people with the vitality of vegetation in spring and summer, are also famous.

Mount Erciyes is also an activity center. Downhill acrobatics with special bikes designed for hilly roads and downhill sports are the first and only courses in Erciyes. Parasailing, mountain bike tours, horse and ATV trips are among the beauties of the mountain for those who want to experience different nature that will raise the adrenaline.


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