Investment Consultancy: We evaluate all the needs of our customers in financial investment services as a whole and provide individual investment consultancy services as a result of our personalized analyzes.

With our services you get healthy financial statements and you get low cost and sustainable access to financial resources. As a result; you gain higher competitiveness and develop your ability to deliver products and services that make a difference in the market.

Our experienced investment consultants are able to offer a personalized investment planning proposal by taking into account the investment target, risk taking profile, income and expense balance and asset status of our customers in the future.

Our investment consultants indicate the profile of our investors together with their appropriateness work and prepare financial asset allocation proposals in line with the objectives of our customers within the scope of investment advisory service and follow the markets and take a special approach to you.

  • Feasibility Report

  • Mediation in Company Acquisitions

  • Company Evaluation

  • Financial Status Report

  • Real estate consultancy


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