Salt Lake is a treasure in the middle of Anatolia with its magnificent nature and visual feast.

A tectonic depression in the deepest part of the Salt Lake and surrounded by plateau is Turkey’s second largest the world’s second largest saltwater lake. The meteorological waters infiltrating the underground melt the salt domes at the bottom of the lake and carry the salty waters from the tectonic lines to the surface. After this process, which is the description of the salt formation of the lake, the salt at the bottom is collected and processed and comes to our tables as sodium chloride.

Most of the coasts are deserted and the lake is a paradise for birds. They can swim as they wish in the freezing lake, even in the harshest temperatures of winter, and in the spring they can incubate on the islands within the lake.

The spectacular and surreal nature of many feature films, series and clip shoots takes you to a whole new level.

Shallow and still, with its deep silence, the lake allows you to take pictures of the sunset as well as the world’s most beautiful reflection photos. In the photo frames where you will feel the atmosphere of the lake, you can take wonderful photos from both the view of the lake like a mirror and take off your shoes and leave yourself on the salt water to watch the unique view to the full. Salt will make your feet soft thanks to the minerals found in Salt Lake. Its deepest place is around 1.5-2 meters depth according to the season.

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