Horses in Anatolia: Year's Horses

Sultan Sazlığı is another favorite horse photographer in recent years. Here is an unusual Kayseri in the taste of the Wild West!

Imagine a herd of galloping horses running more than 300 horses running in front of the magnificent landscape of Mount Erciyes with all the nobility in the Hürmetçi Reeds, 40 minutes away from Cappadocia.

On the slopes of the majestic Erciyes Mountain, the huge dust clouds they leave behind by adding dust to the smoke, running between miles of reeds in the spring and over the white snow in winter is worth seeing.

The horses that roam freely in Anatolia are called Yılkı horses. Families living in the neighborhood catch and tame the Year’s horses and incorporate them into the herd. They take care of the horses and make a living by selling them when the customer comes out.

There are visitors coming from all over the world , just take a photo of this moment,  where it is extremely rare, find to duplicate in the world, even in Turkey.

What are you waiting for to take pictures, those look like film or documentary frames?


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