The historical and natural richness of Cappadocia has been blended with the natural materials by the people of the region and transformed into art. Pottery making, which has continued since the Hittites until today, is one of the most important cultural values of the region. The existence of this natural and cultural heritage cannot be overlooked in the endeavors of the Cappadocian people. In addition to keeping this heritage alive for generations, it also has an economic return. These are handicrafts, pottery, carpet – rug weaving, handmade doll production and onyx stone processing.

Just as the land of Cappadocia transforms pottery into art, women pour their sorrow, joy and centuries-old history into the loops of carpets. In the past there were no girls in Cappadocia who didn’t know how to weave carpets and boys who didn’t know how to make pots. From the age of 12, the girls were sitting on the carpet loom and making carpets for her dowry. Reflected in the carpets that the girls eagerly woven for their dowry, the mastery of labor and weaving has caused the Cappadocian carpets to stand out from other regions and become famous.

What makes Cappadocia carpets unique compared to the others is the root dyes and wool yarns used alongside their designs. Root dyed wool yarns, camel hair and goat hair on the carpet can be preserved for generations, preserving their vitality as the first day. In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that very valuable silk carpets are woven in Cappadocia and are of particular importance. In most of the carpets woven in the region, the weft yarn is made of cotton and the loop yarn is woven from wool. Root dyes are also made by boiling plants collected from the foothills of the mountains.

In Cappadocia, you can find carpets that reflect Turkish art from every region of our country.

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